Tikkun Ritual Kit


CLEANSE-Key Ingredients: Charcoal, Black Seed Oil, Blue Tansy

Gentle yet deeply detoxifying, designed to rid the skin of makeup, dirt, and bacteria. The first and most important step in our 7 step ritual. We encourage you to really take your time cleansing your skin. Most people aren't washing their faces well enough, which causes aging and other skin issues in the future. We like to double cleanse, especially if wearing makeup. Cleanse leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, but will never dry the skin.


AWAKEN-Key Ingredients: yuzu, linalool, squalane, sandalwood

Awaken was created to tone your skin as well as your mood. Infused with an exquisite aromatherapy blend, of earthy citrus, it will bring peace and calm wherever you are. Use as a toner by spritzing on clean dry skin directly after cleansing. You can also use it as a setting or refresher spray on top of makeup. Awaken breathes life back into your skin and brings you back to a relaxed state of mind. Spray a bit of this any time your feeling anxious or stressed.


SOFTEN-Key Ingredients: Aloe, hyaluronic acid, cucumber,

Soften penetrates to the bottom layers of the skin adding hydration and balance. This essence feels like silk, and sinks deeply into pores hydrating the deepest layers. Soften graces us with notes of lavender, bergamot, and neroli, While cucumber and aloe soothe and hydrate the skin. Soften leaves the skin dewy and refreshed. Pour onto the palms of your hands, and place hands over your face, breathe in deeply. Applying to face neck and décolletage. Do not allow a dry down period in between the following layers.


REFINE- Key ingredients: Aloe, Squalane, Watermelon Fruit Extract, Plumeria Flower Oil

Refine is a dual purpose serum, created for the eyes, and face. This serum is great for those on the go who do want multiple products for eyes and face. Refine leaves your skin hydrated, tight and firm. Coffee bean extract, squalane and silk are used, providing nutrient rich antioxidants. Aloe, watermelon fruit extract, and plumeria flower oil come together healing and repairing the skin. Feel the lift and firming effects immediately after use. Apply directly after SOFTEN, and proceed with your choice of oil.


HEAL-Key Ingredients: Pomegranate, Squalane, Vitamin E

An oil supplement created for those sensitive to fragrance. In our 7 step ritual you will be guided to choose one of our two oils. If you are on the sensitive side, or looking for scent free products Heal is for you. Jam packed with antioxidants, Heal provides hydration with absolutely no fragrance. 1-2 drops immediately after serum is all you need   


GLOW-Key Ingredients: Aloe, Cucumber, Silk, Grape Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Reishi Mushrooms


Lock in your layers with GLOW. Infused with silk proteins, this Moisture bomb creates a luminous looking finish. Our moisturizer is rich, yet lightweight, protective, and soothing. Use only a dime sized amount for face & neck. Glow looks beautiful alone, or under makeup.