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Meet Our Team!

Your favorite massage therapists’ massag



Lead Massage Therapist

Gary discovered his passion for healing as a child. "His massage  style is very fluid, versatile and distinct, almost like a dance or yoga", said one of his clients. He is gracious to have had the opportunity to  work on countless people from all over the world and have many still travel to him to receive  body work.  Using his knowledge of movement combined with massage and other techniques he has  worked hard to develop a unique style of his own. To work with Gary, book the Zen and the City Signature Massage, Become a member, or call to request an appointment.



Esthetician/ Lead Massage Therapist


Kwamé is our dually certified technician and one of the vets of our group. Not only is she a seasoned massage therapist, she is an awesome esthetician and an actual veteran of the U.S. Airforce.  Kwamé is very knowledgeable and has developed her own wellness practices around the physical and emotional healing of women, but don't worry guys she has loads of techniques and skills for you too.



Massage Therapist

Miya is our youngest massage therapist. She is extremely talented and has developed a very soothing touch. Miya's work consistently delivers rave reviews and praise. If you like to fall asleep during your sessions, and retreat into a deep state of relaxation, book Miya today.



Reiki and Energy healer

Andora is a very connected, straight forward, compassionate and happy person, whose gifts will surprise and help you in ways you did not imagine. She can help you to open heal your mind, body and spirit to bring positivity, balance, hope and happiness for the present and future. Andora is certified in multiple Reiki practices and energy healing modalities. She is a psychic, medium and card reader. She believes there is not “one size fits all” for spirituality and healing. She promises to always keep herself spiritually healthy to do the best for you. Book your Reiki appointment with Andora today!



Studio Director

Makeup Artist

Karissa is the conductor, curator and the glue of the studio. Her bubbly personality brings a little more light in to our beautifully dim space. With over 10 years experience in skincare, makeup and wellness she is the perfect consultant for our bespoke services. Give her a call to see how we can help you.



Massage Therapist

Taquita is dual certified as an esthetician as well as a massage therapist. Experienced in deep tissue, relaxation, and prenatal massage Taquita is extremely talented and experiecned in her field. Not only is her body work amazing, but she is a skincare expert as well. Book a massage, facial, or both with Taquita today



Massage Therapist

Though Lev is new to the Zen and the city family he has a similar style and technique as the founder Gary, one that stems from the sense, presence, and flow of movement cultivated through martial arts training. Through that  practice he guides the body to a state of greater vitality, relaxation, and freedom of movement.

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