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The Zen and the City staff are truly dedicated to uplifting and serving its community. We firmly believe that income should never be a factor when it comes to you receiving treatments that both heal and calm the body. In spirit of this philosophy, we offer multiple discounts and memberships that allow anyone to be able to experience the beauty of therapeutic touch.


$60 | 30 Minute


Focus Massage

or Mini Facial


One - 90 Minute massage



$145 per month

Two - 90 Minute massages


1 - 90 Minute Couple's Massage

$290 per month


One - 60 Minute Custom Massage

or Facial

$100 per month

Two - 60 Minute Custom Massages or Facials

$200 per month

Trouble With Commitment? Check out our re-loadable massage packages.



  • Friends & family member rate for any guest you bring with you that’s new to Zen And the City.

  • VIP early sign-up access to workshops, classes and events.

  • Members only event invites. (+ 1 bring one non-member guest)

  • Didn’t use your massage this month? Roll your session  over or combine with your next months session only

  • Share your membership with anyone in your household 

  • Access to our relaxation lounge and complimentary wine, tea, and/or whiskey bar (Please note that our beverage bar serves only as another source of relaxation and must be used responsibly.)



Students- Receive an Extra 10% off any Regular priced Treatment or Product

Massage therapist and Medical Professionals- Receive an Extra 10% off any regular priced Treatment or Product 

Seniors 65 and older- Receive an Extra 10% off any regular priced treatment of product.

Identification is required for all discounts.*****



  • rollover any appointment to the next month only, if session is not used  within those thirty days that session is void. Current monthly sessions are counted first)

  • Memberships auto renew every 6 months

  •  Household members must have the same address and/or last name

  • All Packages are valid up to one year from the purchase date and can be used at your leisure. Using more than two sessions per month is subject to approval to account for our other clients as well. Thank you for understanding.

Visit our studio today to sign up or inquire about your membership.

Limited Membership Availability.

For more details Please visit our policy and procedures page. Thank you


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