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Corporate events

Our licensed, insured, and certified wellness professionals can help with any scenario, rewarding your staff, treating your clients, or developing an ongoing wellness program. We bring everything needed, your job is simply to enjoy!

At Zen and the City we not only bring massage, fitness, and yoga but also beauty and alternative lifestyle practices such as tarot, reiki and energy work directly to your business. Enroll into our program today and your employees will also enjoy discounts on products and services not only at our location but also at the location of our partners. Contact us  for pricing and availability. Let us bring Zen to your doorstep.

Try On Location Weekly/Monthly Chair Massage Popups

  • Lunchtime Wellness Lectures and Workshops

  • Employee Wellness Rewards and Appreciation Parties

  •  Retreats and Seminars focusing on Work-Life Balance

  •  Executive Wellness Packages  can include, private yoga/personal trainer sessions, holistic nutrition and diet coaching with meal planning personal care services hand & foot pampering, makeup and alternative life services.

Wellness programs can BENEFIT EMPLOYERS by:

  • Lowering health care costs.

  • Reducing absenteeism.

  • Achieving higher employee productivity.

  • Reducing workers’ compensation and disability-related costs.

  • Reducing injuries.

  • Improving employee morale and loyalty

Employee Benefits of Chair Massage

  • Boosts energy, alertness, and productivity

  • Increases Circulation

  • Reduces muscle tension and pain

  • Helps prevent Repetitive-Stress Injuries

  • Relaxes and rejuvenates

  • Relieves emotional stress


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