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About Us

About us

Zen And The City is a collective of artists that use the beautification, manipulation and vibrations of the body as our medium to create balance, inspiration, and focus within you. Founded in 2014 by Gary Davenport, we are now rated one of  Baltimore's best massage and bodywork centers. We have been blessed to help heal, and relax thousands of people from all walks of life, all around the world, many of which who return to us from where ever they are, for our stellar and unique bodywork.

Indulge your senses from start to finish, and leave with an overwhelming sense of serenity. From the sweet smells of incense  that greet you as you walk into our relaxing lounge, full of plush seating and greenery, to our complimentary wine and beverage bar.  Nothing is ever rushed.

As a sanctuary for relaxation in our city, we strive to create unmatched experiences of calm right in the heart of the pulsating city.  Merging ancient wisdom with new age style, and merging fun and entertainment with wellness to give those who experience daily pain, stress, and/or injuries renewed hope, joy and a sense of community.

Our unique classes offerings, community lead workshops, luxury members only events and  our free pop up retreats are a  just a few things that set us apart from others and help us to change the status quo of what relaxation looks like and is should be and who is worthy of it.


Relaxation Re-Imagined, Wellness Re -Defined. We are Zen And The City. The Creative Healing Space.

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